Bowei agrochem co.,Ltd is committed to the exploration, production and marketing in plant"s organic nutrition, including humic acid,fulvic acid,potassium humate, EDTA,EDDHA,DTPA,compound amino acid,seaweed extract,etc.
กก With our continuous efforts in quality priority, technological innovation, modernized management, and excellent and unique service.
กก Bowei has been devoted to the global environmental protection and human beings"healthy life. With the brand-new concept and core competitiveness, we"ll establish a nutrient base of green plants in China and even the world at large for our common green home.
60% compound amino acid
80% compound amino acid
edta mixture
top grade potassium humic acid
80% potassium humic acid
21% boron fertilizer
seaweed extract
seaweed flower fertilizer
amino acid tobacco fertilizer
seaweed tobacco fertilizer

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