humic acid
      Calcium Humic Acid
      Sodium Humic Acid
      98% Potassium Humate
      Bio-Fulvic Acid
      Fulvic Organic Compound Granular
      90% Potassium Humic Acid
      Humic Acid Germicide
      70% Fulvic acid Powder I
      70% Humic Acid
      95% Potassium Humic Acid
      70% Fulvic acid Powder II
      80% Potassium Humic Acid
      Fulvic Acid Chelate Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn

Humid acid can ameliorate the soil constitution, decrease the soil volume weight, enhance the overall porosity, capillary porosity, soil water-holding capacity, and increase the soil organic matter and nutrients for the better buffering capacity of the soil, which bear positive influence to the micro-biological system of the soil. Leonardite remains the main component of the humic acid we produce.Including Humic acid,Fulvic acid,Humate products.

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