seaweed extract
      Fermented Liquid Seaweed Extract
      Seaweed+Amino Acid
      Sodium Alginate
      Soluble Seaweed Extract
      rooting more-seaweed root growth promoter

Rich in protein, Amino-acid, carbohydrate, inorganic salt, vitamins, phytohormone, polyphenol, amylase and other bioactive microbial substances, the seaweed extract is able to promote the growth of roots and enhance crops'drought-resistance. Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer can be made after seaweed extract's blending with chemical fertilizer in hopes of enhancing fertilizer's efficiency, improving soil constitution,strengthening the air permeation and water protection of soil, preventing the soil from deterioration and accelerating the crops'growth, which leads to the high-yield of crops as well as the amelioration of their character. Through physical reaction, it can blend with pesticide and form a complex, which is an excellent diluting and synergistic agent.

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